Monday, January 11, 2016

New Year, New Meeting Time?

In the three years or so since our writers’ group was first founded, we’ve seen many people come and go, with a few faithful stalwarts who faithfully attend meetings. Some come with a vague but insistent feeling that there is something God is calling them to do, perhaps through writing. Others have projects in hand and seek some encouragement, advice, or companionship as they bring their writing projects to fruition. Many are beginners in the writing life, trying to develop habits that will help them follow through on their inspirations. We have tried to make writers of all levels of experience feel welcome and supported.

At present, we are reconsidering our meeting time (and place) for our regular, monthly meetings. Lunchtime on a Tuesday is perhaps not the most convenient time for busy people, for whom writing is not their main activity. So at this week’s “second Tuesday” meeting, January 12 (usual time, usual place), we’ll be discussing whether it would be better to meet on a weekday evening or a Saturday morning, rather than at lunchtime on a work day. If you want to get in on the discussion, please attend or – if unable to attend – contact Nancy Ward and let her know what time would suit your schedule best. Do you live in Tarrant County and find it difficult to get to Dallas for a meeting? Let us know. We can’t please everyone, but we’d like to accommodate as many potential members as possible.

For those of you who are “with us in spirit,” even if you are unable to attend meetings, keep in touch. Contact Nancy Ward to get on the email list. (You can also sign up to receive all blog posts by email. Just fill in the form in the right-hand sidebar.)


After welcoming two new members at the January 12 meeting, and discussing feedback from those present and those on our email list, we have decided to leave our meeting schedule as it is for the time being.  Remember that our meetings are free and open to anyone who wishes to attend. If you would really like to connect with Catholic writers in the Metroplex area but find it impossible to attend either of our monthly meetings, please let us know.

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