Monday, July 7, 2014

Curious about our group? Read on!

There's no need to go it alone.
Join us!
For the timid and the curious, here is a little information on the Dallas/Fort Worth Catholic Writers Group. We hope you will join us! Our next meeting is Tuesday, 8 July 2014.
  •  Who: The name is pretty self-explanatory: we are writers from the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area whose writing is, one way or another, fueled by our Catholic faith. Some of us write for a specifically Catholic audience, while others aim at a more general readership. But all of us write with the intention of being published, whether that be via a traditional publishing house, self-publishing, blog, online magazine, or some other publishing medium. I.e., we are not merely hobbyists, but want to get our work "out there" to be read. You will find catechists, novelists and short story writers, bloggers, people writing about their personal experiences and those who offer Catholic opinions. In other words, a little bit of everything. 
Our group is inspired by and affiliated with the Catholic Writers Guild, but members of our group need not be members of CWG (but wouldn't you like to be? Click here!). We do not charge dues, and welcome all who wish to attend our meetings.
  • What: We meet for fellowship and mutual encouragement; to share tips, information, and advice; to seek and provide feedback and critiques of our works in progress. If you have something you would like the group to critique or comment on, bring 8-10 copies.
  • When: Every second Tuesday of the month at midday throughout the year and, during the academic term, one evening a month at the University of Dallas.
  • Where: Midday meetings are held in (or immediately outside) the community room of the flagship Half Price Books store in Dallas, from 11:30 to 1:00. Feel free to bring your lunch or pick one up at the in-house Black Forest cafe. Evening meetings during the academic term are held on the campus of the University of Dallas in Irving (time and exact location may vary from one semester to another). 
  • Why: Because writing is a lonely business, and writers need support, encouragement, and human contact. Non-writers may not understand what a long, and sometimes complicated, frequently discouraging task a writing project can be. Once a month, though, writers can get together and recharge -- why not join us?
Our next meeting is Tuesday, 8 July 2014. We hope to see you there! To join our email list to get more timely notifications, email Nancy Ward.

P.S. If you really want a shot in the writing arm, you should attend the annual Catholic Writers Conference, held this year in Chicago, July 30-August 1. There is still time to register! Click here for more info.

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