Monday, March 11, 2013

A Freebie to Help You Market Your Book

Author Marketing Club Badge
I just discovered a new web site, the Author Marketing Club, that may be of interest to any writer (especially self-published writers) who manages to finish writing a book and needs to think about marketing. I have only just discovered it, so I can't testify to its usefulness or effectiveness, but so far I'm impressed.

Let's face it, for many of us, having to think about marketing makes us want to do almost anything else -- write another book, take a nap, flee. What makes a good writer is not the same thing as what makes a good publicist, so we need all the help we can get. The Author Marketing Club (AMC) offers lots of help.

This web site is apparently still quite new, but it seems to offer lots of good free (and low-cost) help to making sure your book is well-packaged and well-known. Essentially, they offer a network of freelance editors, cover designers, links to resources, and even free resources on the site, such as video tutorials on book marketing and helpful ebooks you can download for free. I just downloaded two nice freebies:   The Ultimate Digital Book Promotion Handbook: The Author’s Guide To Finding Places To Promote Your Book Online, and The Write Word’s Easy Editing and Spiffy Style Guide. I would include download links for those, but they are available only to club members. However, membership is free, so anyone who would like the free books can get a free membership first. A very nice freebie is their offer of a free book landing page, along with discounted hosting if you need it.

AMC also offers a tool for getting the word out when you run a free promotion on your Amazon ebook -- allowing you easily to submit your freebie to a number of sites that list free Kindle books, such as Pixel of Ink and The eReader Cafe. While some of what the Author Book Club offers seems geared toward ebook publishers, most of the resources will serve as well, regardless of the medium in which the book will be published, such as networking with other writers, finding guest-blogger opportunities, and ways to get your book featured on their site, simply by writing a blog post or posting an AMC badge on your blog or website.

I'm planning to test out some of the club's offerings, using the ebooklet I've already published as a test balloon while I learn book marketing techniques, and I'll let you know how it goes. If anyone knows of any other nifty resources for marketing books, please leave a comment.

By the way, I learned about the existence of the Author Marketing Club from a mention in Steve May's Kindle book, You Too Can Moonlight As An Amazon Bestseller (Beginner's Guide to Publishing on Amazon),
which I snagged when it was being offered for free (it's now $2.99). 

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